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Monday, 19 November 2012

Why is there a large Dress Form stuck at the top of my page you might ask yourself, well this is one of my proudest moments.  I did this with my SplodgeAway Mat and my sponge and nothing else except the piece of A4 paper I had left after I had cut the Dress Form figure out of it. (a self made stencil)

You might think that the colouring on the dress form looks easy but it took a lot of control and a lot of twisting around to make sure the lighting was in the right place.  I love the Clarity Femanine stamp down the centre, which just came to me, can you remember that the proper dress makers dummies used to be sectioned off for measurements of each individual piece of material?  Below is another version of the same thing but the black one was done using a SplodgeAway Stenscape and Rose Mask and Blending.
Do you have a proudest moment - come on you can tell us this is a crafters only blog.  Why don't you leave a comment at the bottom of this Blog saying "My proudest moment is........." and we will all go blog hopping to see each others proudest moments on your individual blogs??  Anyone fancy joinging in.  Go on we could all do with a little self praise!!!

I will be waiting......... Sam

Monday, 12 November 2012

Not a TV Card in Sight!!

Hello everyone, I am back from the NEC which I will be talking about on here, sorry to anyone who didn't get there, but hey, it doesn't mean we have to be MISERABLE too!!!  If I can't get there next year and you can I will let you TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT !!!!!!??????? So here we go , if you can't bear it SWITCH OFF NOW!

The first day, the Friday I sat in the car from 9.30, got a warning from Sue & Tom (who were half an hour ahead of us) that they were stood still in traffice at 10.30  Its OK I have a CLEVER Husband who hadn't gone the same way as Sue and Tom OHHH I LOOOVVVEEEE YOU!  So when two hours later there were massive tail backs from the stationary traffic HE KNEW A WAY TO AVOID IT  I sttiiillllllll love you, half an hour later "Oh look he says" ? What? "I have just missed the turning that would avoid the traffic cues"!!!  I LOVE YOU  Bite lip pretend to be reading Map!!

At 12Noon he starts to say "I think you might miss your meeting with the girls at 2pm (whats he talking about the NEC is only about 3 hours away, with traffic 4 hours, we set off at 9.30 no probs!) 

AT EXACTLY 2.35 we arrive at the NEC!   Still Sue and Tom came and met us at the door. Tom in Agony cos a pallet had fallon on him, (no I did NOT wish that that had happend to my Hubby!)

There does that make all you crafty girls who couldn't make it feel better?

Now for the good news, condensed.  Great to see Tom "Live" on the C&C stand, lovely to have a bit of time with Sue out of "Our" shop (eeewww she hates that) ITS HERS!!  I buy the CLARITY LETTERBOX SET - the kids buy an AIRFIX FLYING THING within 10 mins which Costs £50 I could have got more clarity stamps with that!! Kids do painting class with that bloke off telly, the famous one, you know the good one???

Next day meet all the lovely girls (most of the lovely girls) that are the crafty talkers on Face Book.  Felt like we all knew each other, except the ones who have a Dog as their profile?  They looked a bit different.  All had lunch and shopped together and watched Dean together - he is soooooo hilllarious, I didn't like his Mustach on TV but its actually really Sexy (watch it hubby!!!). Bet he knows a way to avoid the traffic! 

It was great for Annette Lee to see me passing every half hour after the girls had gone for th e train!  And it was even lovelier for Maria to bump into me, I bet that made their day.  You couldn't see Barbara Gray she was totally surrounded for thee whole time. The Indigu Blu stall was great and it was lovely to meet Kay Halliwell Sutton who we will be seeing at Suzicraft next year for a class! It was great to stand and watch "The Craft Chick" from paperartsy, and it was lovely talking to Wendy from Crystal Avenue.  It was great to have a little chat with Leoni who couldn't believe my kids were helping my Hubby to carry Tom's stuff, and seeing Carly Duff in her flat shoes. But most of all it was just lovely to connect with the people I talk to now on a daily basis, who I have never met before but who I feel will be keeping us all cheerful for the next year ahead on FB.  I hope more of us can meet up next year.

Well I have waffled on enough, so I will give you the more juicy stuff bit by bit, and will put some creations on here that I have made with my new stash - nothing was bought that I could have got in my Favorite Shop!! Suzicraft. 

Right - are you bored??  You deserve a good cup of tea or a nice glass of wine if you got right to the bottom of this so go on, treat yourself, I am off to my craft room.  Would be lovely to hear from any of you?
Sam (My how she waffles)Crowe.