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Sunday, 29 September 2013

Them that do and Them that don't!!!

 I think there is a big divide in this Country between Them That Do Craft and Them That Don't!!!  I don't understand people who don't have hobbies (how on earth do they keep themselves occupied) and they don't understand people who do (how on earth do they get their housework done?). There you have it - the big divide.
So when I say I NEED to get in my Craft Room please don't say "you can't spend every spare minute in there"!! 
 When I say I am struggling to focus my ideas and separate them onto different cards instead of piling too many on one card ! DON'T throw a load of YOUR  ideas at me TOO, it doesn't help!!!!

When I have some new DT work to do - PLEEEAAASSSEEE DON'T everybody suddenly decide they miss me and want to take me to lunch, the pictures, a day on the beach!!! I NEED to be in my Craft room, and last week when I was twiddling my thumbs thinking I NEED some people around me you didn't want to go to the pictures, for a meal or to the beach then did you!?
And when I show you a card and say "do you think this is good enough for TV"?  Its like that
"Does my bum look big in this"? question!!! I am not really looking for the answer from the bottom of your heart, I am looking for the RIGHT answer,
a simple "Yes its lovely" will do nicely thank you. 

And FINALLY please DON'T tell me to give myself a break from crafting, crafting IS my break - from life!!!!  
 I am sure my Crafty friends will understand and my non-crafty friends won't but hey,
 it needed to be said!!!
So I never blog without Eye Candy - but I don't have any because I am either doing private DT work or
by the time I do get in it I am falling to sleep.
on Face Book - Ssshh
So for this Blog's Eye Candy
  I will see if I can drag something up from the past???

This wasn't used, quite frankly the whole card looked a little weird.
However, I was really proud of it, I started with white card and
after about three hours of blending inks over and over from the Splodge Mat - to get a little depth and warmth
I produced this thing!!!! Well not just this, there is a lot more on the card!?.

This is one I made earlier on the Gelli Plate  but couldn't use because
it's not good to Hang! the Characters on your cards!

 Its OK not to leave a comment this is just my Crafters Blog - and I am not really letting off steam
 I am just pointing a few things out.

Keep Calm and Carry on Crafting - when you get a few un-interrupted hours that is!!!
Bye for now