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Thursday, 24 January 2013

An Ode to a Ferrett

Ok I know this is normally my Craft Talk blog but sometimes I think of someone or see something and a poem or a ditty or an Ode just pops into my head, I write it down immediately or it has gone - they aren't always good but they are usually quite personal to a particular subject or person. So good or rubbish (I  never really know myself) this just popped into my head and was written down in about 5 minutes - so don't expect too much.

fOR Eileen Goodwin and Ken
by Sam Crowe

Snowflake is a Ferret, a very lucky one too, you could say she's treated like roaylty compared to me and you.  Eileen is in dis-belief as her Hubbbie panders to her, the Ferret you fool, Not Eileen, on his list she is much lower.  Snowflake had run away to search for a better life and now she lives in luxury, a life free of trouble and strife. 

 Although there was a slight problem with her bedding, it wasn't lush? She now likes her new one much better simply because it says Shssssss.

We all fell in love with Snowflake from her days living in the shower,
she enjoyed a finger or two of Kens' Ow, Ooooowww,  Ooooowwwer!!!
Holly and Daisy were in awe just for a little while,
and when the Ferret got a name we all gave a little smile! 
She's a "Keeper" we said on FB Oh how happy we were,
but Eileen kept trying to say "no were not keeping her"!!!! 
Then Sadly her owner was found all our hearts just sunk to the ground!
We were gutted and angry and sad, till the owner said "Aw you can keep her lad"
or something like that???
And so the Saga continues, like I say Eileen's in dis-belief,
as Ken now has plans to build a "Playground" so the dogs walk is brief!!
So we are excited to hear the rest of this lovely story of Joy -
Maybe one day our Snowflake will find a handsome boy!!??  Mmmmmm Ferret Babies?
 So thank you Eileen for keeping us entertained,
and Ken, what about a plaque to get her officially named?
To Snowflake we thank you so much,
even my kids ask me how you are doing,
and to the lady who found the owner we do apologise for booing??? 
To be continued.......???

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Hi there, I have been trying to put a post and some pictures on FB but after 15 minutes of "freeze" I have given up.  So I thought I would do a Blog instead, I am way overdue a blog anyway.  So its not like me but I don't think I have even shown you all my cards that were on TV with Tom of SplodgeAway and Maria Simms the other week.  Some were shown on the SplodgeAway Blog but they weren't necessarily my favorite ones - if truth be told I don't think I sent photos of them all - that so wouldn't have happened with me a few months ago?????

I have been really busy lately with crafting and helping out with the Shows and doing work for other DT's etc (more about that later) that when I was stood in the kitchen cooking the other day my kids stepped back in amazement - I had to announce "Mammy is Back in the Kitchen" !  My hubbie does an OK job but he never does Veg?  Their response?  "Oh NO"!!  Well they should have behaved themselves for Daddy shouldn't they.
Anyway I wanted to talk about the Pay it Forward Craft scheme that Paula Whittaker has set up on FB - I think it started with her, I missed her last shout out but got my name on this one, I will put the rules on FB if it will let me??? 
So basically you offer 5 pieces of art, tags, cards, whatever you want to do, to the first five people who put their name forward on your post.  Then they send their address and you send the item to them at any time over the next year, I think element of surprise is part of this too.  But those five people must offer the same on their face book to keep passing it forward.  A good idea I think as long as everyone keeps to their promise. 
So I am the lucky one I got Paula Whittaker - OK so if your name is on my timeline - you got me, but look on the bright side, my work is a bit eclectic so it will definately be a surprise?  And you never know you might even get a piece that has been on TV - a "famous piece" if you like?  OK I am getting carried away again, I am an excitable person when it comes to crafts!!!  Anyway if no-one puts their name forward I will just have to add a few of my friends so that no-one knows that my work is not wanted!!!!

Here are a few "Famous" items from the last TV show with Tom and Maria for your perusal.

See you soon

Saturday, 5 January 2013

SplodgeAway TV Demo

Well I think its about time I change this Blog post don't you - since the last time I updated this Blog a lot has happened - My daughters Birthday, Santa Claus left some goodies, my Sister had to fill out a jigsaw puzzle which had a proposal of marriage in it and we have seen in the New Year - and very soon I will be taking yet another year off my age on my Birthday on 10th January

Sooooo - Enjoy your office party, Happy Birthday my Princess, have a HappyXmas everyone, Happy New Year to you all and AW thanks for the card but you didn't have to bother!!!  There I think that puts me up to date on this Blog now!!

Oh except for the fact that Tom has been on the TV again with he was on two shows with
Maria Simms  the items he took with him sold out so fast that poor Maria only got to do one of her Demoes on the first show under a lot of pressure because it was selling out as she was doing it, she did do a second Demo in the afternoon show of a lovely Brown and Blue card which you will probably be able to see on here website above.

 Tom did demoes on some of the Stenscapes but by the time the second show came along in the afternoon almost everything had been sold and they wanted him to do a demo on the stenscape he had already done on the first show.  Well I sat and watched him wondering what on earth he was going to do and I was absolutely amazed at what he produced just off the cuff.
 So just for once on this my "Private" blog I am going to let someone else take the glory.  I am not even going to show you any of my cards/tags/note pads that were on the TV - however you can find them on our SplodgeAway blog   over the next week or so along with the rest of the DT's work - there were some lovely samples handed in.  You can also buy the products on the splodgeaway website                        

Ooopps how did one of mine sneak in there!!!

 Thank you for dropping by - I will be back soon.