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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Crafty Talk

Hi there I haven't got a lot to say tonight (I always say that don't I?) but I just wanted to update this blog as I have neglected it lately.  I have been back to a Journal class with Dyan Reaveley so I think I might put a few backgrounds on here, although in general I don't like to show my Journal work off because that's not what its for.  Its just for me to play and find my inner weiredness!!! ?? I mean weiredness in a good way, I have never been a lover of normal, in clothes, d├ęcor, life or Art.

Thinking about Journaling tonight got me thinking about Lowry, he always put so much interest into his paintings.
I remember there used to be a print of his  in our school hall, and while everyone was listening/falling to sleep  to assembly I used to sit and stare at the Lowry picture, every time you looked at it you saw something different.  I think this is what I like in Altered Art and Journaling the really good stuff has hidden little extras all over the place.
Being on a DT and researching on the Web is re-opening my love of lots of kinds of Art. But now the difference is I am beginning to feel I can start to produce a little bit of it myself, I mean really produce.  I am not there yet by any means but I am enjoying the process of getting there. I am surrounded by  really talented people and can't believe how much really great work doesn't even get a viewing by other people. 

 This is why I like Pinterest so much, we can all unashamedly put our own work on there to show it off but we can also search for other peoples work, I have found a fabulous photographer on there who now follows me, just being polite I think, but some of the work he directs me to is unbelievable. I see a lot of work that has been re-pinned from people I know too from SplodgeAway and Clarity and ranger etc. So when I put my "journal" work on here I am definitely not being negative when I say I have a long way to go, just look up Journal on Pinterest !!
But I am enjoying playing with it.  I enjoyed this class where we were playing more with backgrounds, the other stuff I have just added since I got home, but think I will come back to it at another time because I was beginning to spoil it - I do that a lot! But I learnt one very important thing, I get a bit hung up on the fact that the more I try to be A-symmetrical the more I become Symmetrical? But that actually that doesn't matter because I am actually looking for a "balance" in the project which is needed, it isn't about weather you are symmetrical at all, its about the three's and fives groups, it always works well on the eye, but some artists work in 4's and can make it work?  I personally think if you have a 4 you probably put a 3 opposite and that would be easy on the eye.  So it depends how you work your brush strokes or figures out? 
Found this tonight, I have been stood right in front of this building it is awesome.
Well like I say I just wanted to update my blog and show that I have advanced a tiny bit in my Journaling.  So Carry On Crafting and I will see you on Pinterest! If you have a positive comment please leave it, if you have a negative comment please leave!!  Ha Ha Good night Sam x
Sneak Peak at some Altered Art I am doing.