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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Craft Table & SplodgeAway

There is a bit of a buzz in the air at Suziecraft, on Twitter, on the craft blogs and on Facebook - THIS IS IT the week that Tom goes on TV to launch the SplodgeAway mat and Masks. Its on Creat & Craft on thursday 5th July at 12 Noon and Maria Simms will be with him and I know she will have some great demonstrations waiting for us- so grab your sarnie and cuppa early and sit and watch.

I can guarantee you will feel the enthusiasm coming through your TV from Tom, all his Design Team feel it (me being one of them) I am pretty sure Annette who looks after the design team feels it, his partner Sue feels it, his customers feel it - he truely belives in his product and SO DO WE. If you are a crafter this product will revolutionise the way you craft. I have found a whole new form of art with the SplodgeAway mat and I love playing around with my inks.

If you want a sneak preview of the SplodgeAway mat I will be doing a few demonstrations tomorrow 5th July at the Norton Cricket Club, Station Road at an event run by Kings Cafe from Norton. I have a craft table selling my recent makes, but thought I would take my splodgeAway mat, some stamps and inks and let people have a little play. So why don't you come along and say Hi.
I know this blog sounds like an inframercial but its not HONESTLY, its just me and what I am up to. See you soon, must get some more note pads made!!!

Friday, 22 June 2012

What I am up to!!!

Hi everyone, sorry I have been a while getting back to you but I have had a cold - Man Flu - for two weeks, still not got rid totally, but hey ho I will survive. I have updated my other page but I like this page because of the swirls and because it feels a bit more personal on this blog, I am not selling anything, I am not trying to keep up with the Jones's (or modern terms - the blogs's) I am just being me - the totally addicted, and loveing it, crafter. Of course I still talk about Suziecraft and SplodgeAway because they have become a big part of my life. I plan my week around it, how great it is to have a place to go, craft or shop whatever you want to do, and see familiar, friendly faces when you go.

I think it could be likened a little bit to "friends" or maybe its more like "Cheers" without the alcohol!! Or maybe it could be compared, at times, with "the Golden Girls"?! that would be me as the youngest one!!!!! Anyway its a busy happening place to be at the moment. Sue and Tom are just off for a few days to Bognor Regis (oh sorry I mean Holland)

I'm busy doing DT work and I have a Craft Table to get ready for, its at the Cricket Club in Norton on 1st July 12 till 6 - all are welcome. It is being run by Kings Cafe in Norton. There will be food, stalls, kids entertainment and ME. I will be selling my wares but I will also have my splodgeaway mat there and will do a few demonstrations. Why don't you nip along.

Above are pictures of my latest designs which went on the this week, the theme was anything goes, products bought from which is almost everything I use now anyway!! Hope you like them, its an 8 page mini scrapbook. See you later, Sam

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

SplodgeAway: The Mouse Ran Up The Clock......

SplodgeAway: The Mouse Ran Up The Clock......: The GiveAway Continues.......... See Sunday's Posting for details of how to win SplodgeAway Masks Now for today's blog ...This is my latest SplodgeAway DT Design posted on the SplodgeAway blog, I made the backing paper on my Serif Craft Artist and the centre with SplodgeAway Clock Mask - I used some of my favorite but not much used stamps mostly from do-craft and just had a bit of fun with it all and of course my SplodgeAway mat which I now use f

or every card.

Monday, 11 June 2012

A little Ditty

I am on a Design Team for SplodgeAway at I may have told you several times before, who really knows if anyone gets to read your blog or not - NOBODY EVERY COMMENTS ON IT!!!!! A little "thumbs up" or a "what utter rubbish" or "hey what a great blog you have there kid", would be lovely, I won't get offended!!!

Anyway I am really proud of being on the Design Team - people would trade in their Grande Calibur to be in my position which is why I am putting every effort I can in to stay on top of the game. Mind you, loveing the products you are designing with does help a little!! Anyway when I get my splodgeAway mat out I keep getting little pieces of poetry popping into my head, not fantastic poetry, not life changing or anything but just little ditties that just appear, and if I don't write them down quick I have lost them forever!! So here is my latest one that came to me this morning.

My SplodgeAway Mat

I Splodge all day, I Splodge all night,
Till I make a design that's a wonderful sight,
And when I'm done and my SplodgeAway Mat
Is full of my inks in this colour or that,
I'll sit and play just a little more
and make something SPECIAL
To put through YOUR door!!!

By Sam Crowe

If you have any little crafting ditties I would like to hear them?