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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Well my last post one here was the Gelli Plate debate and the fact I couldn't clean the paint off my Roller. I have been told that maybe it was the type of paint.  So take note people because I think this does make a difference.  After all as Eileen Goodwin told me she doesn't have any trouble with hers and she also said to definately NOT use any Pallet Knife on you your Gelli Plate!!! I had actually been using a fast drying chalk paint, which  I love for Journaling, boxes, Tags etc.
Looks like Tom must have
chucked me out of his seat
Barbara Gray / Clarity have just launched the Gelli Plate at the NEC I can't wait to get hold of mine.  She said that they will be launching some Paints to go with it too so I will be looking out for them,  I know Annette and Maria were at the NEC today and I have asked Annette if she will put a Gelli Plate aside for me so I am hoping it will be in my Craft Room very very soon.
I might even do a video of me playing with it.  I have loads of ideas in my head for patterns and using it with my SplodgeAway Masks etc.  I did watch one video of a lady who had just got hers and you couldn't see her face but you could imagine her face, she was so excited, she ended up with a big pile of patterned papers, they looked a bit like art journaling pages.  Some of them I felt were a bit child like as mine propably will be when I first set off.  I want to get a refined proper printed look out of my Gelli Plate as well as messy- so lets wait and see. 

Dimp Till Assistant!
Soz Mojo not got you?
Tom surrounded as he
always is!
So talking of videos I have launched four videos on You Tube under" Sam Crowe Art Journal 1"  (then 2, 3, 4) . They are rough and ready and I only did them to see how they would turn out if I filmed myself with my/the Kids IPad hanging over the edge of my craft shelf looking down on my SplodgeAway Mat below?  I was going to put them on, ask for a few tips etc and then take them off and do more professional videos??  But straight away I got a like off Karen before I had even fully uploaded them, then three women said they were now going to start Journaling and to keep the videos as they are, they said they liked the natural approach AND my Daughter watched me filming the 3rd video, made me stop so she could try the technique I was showing and asked me to buy her a Journal the next day, which I did and now we sit and do our Journals together.  Can you believe one lady called Margare said "thats it I am off the buy a Journal" and got back from Asda 20 minutes later with it. said she was going to start the next day -- as it was 11.40 at night!!!  So there is definately some inspiration in my videos somewhere?

Me doing Demoes at Ross PaperCraft Show
Is that Sue Tucker I see beside me??
So I have decided to keep them up.  I have only 1 Dislike on the videos and I know who that is off  - so not a problem everyone else who has looked have said they enjoyed them and I have 3 new Subscribers to my You Tube, one of them being Michelle Webb, thanks Michelle.

So If you want to see them click on this link  or search in You Tube for "Sam Crowe Art Jurnal 1, 2, 3, 4 The reason I did 4 is because I don't know how to Pause a video on the IPad??

I always leave Eye Candy so here are some pics from our SplodgeAway stall at the Ross Papercraft Shows (thats the Royal Our Stall)! Its very Rare I post pics of myself???

So Carry on Crafting and I will be back soon.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

So lets talk Crafts & Gelli Plate!!

OK so I have just been watching a video about the ever increasingly popular Gelli Plate. I DO NEED ONE!  But at £30 a shot it seems a lot when you have a lot of paints and inks that you need first.  Of course the Gelli Plate will compliment the paints - Oh what a dilema, think I have already spent this months budget.  (which silly couple decided to live without credit cards!!!) Its tooooooo hard.  There is a cheaper plate a 6"by6" which is £20 but I personally think you may as well push the boat out to the extra tenner and get the 8"by10" there is always a time when you will want to do a bigger project especially with printing like this.  Thats what the Gelli Plate does see, its a kind of screen printing but with paints. So my answer to the problem??
My IPhone Cover, cool or what!!
I bet I can get this same affect on my SplodgeAway mat with my paints.  So I put a blob off BLACK acrylic fast drying paint on my Mat, I couldn't find my "scruffy" breyer so I used my "new breyer" for the job. I spread the paint over my Splodge Mat with the Breyer, good so far.  I put my SplodgeAway Heart Mask over the painted area and rolled over the mask once with the breyer, I put some Clarity and Elegance paper over the top of the image and breyered over that (non porous paper also gives texture as well as pattern with this effect).  So not bad, a bit more practice, a larger surface area of paint and I would be off.  So I get out my water spray, clean most the paint off my Splodge Mat and finish it off clean and ready to use with a bit of surgical spirit - sorted! 

So I spray my breyer with water and get out the kitchen roll, Mmmmm, Ok I get out a baby wipe scrub for a little while, Mmmmmmmmmmm OK I think I will just run it unnder the tap for about 10 minutes constantly adding soap to get the tiniest bit of paint off my brand new brayer just a teeny weeny bit at a time until I eventually just get it all soapy and scrape off the paint with my nail.  My goodness if I had to do this every time I used my Gelli Plate it would completely putt me off getting it out.  I did get it back to good condition in the end but tooooo much wasted crafting time.  I could use the old method of elastic bands round the breyer but you would loose most of the play.  So people are using breyers with Gelli Plates because???????????  Do you think there is a difference to these two breyers, I used the one on the left.  They do look different?

There is always a solution, I think if I or when I do get a Gelli Plate I will be using a palate knife to spread the paint. The SplodgeAway Mat faired very well in this experiment. The end result, well I kind of needed to do it again because I now knew I wanted to fill the full piece of card but by the time I had cleaned off my breyer I couldn't be botthered.
I will give you some eye candy just because I think a blog is lost without it - hey check out my phone cover I love it!