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Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Bo Ho or Boo Hoo

Apparently the words Bo Ho or Boo Hoo are the words that attract a lot of people to your blogs, web site shops etc these days.  So I am using it, does anyone know what it means? and which version are you supposed to use? Ok I am kidding a little bit, I know it is something to do with wanting to find crafts, cards etc that are a little bit out side the norm!! I think I qualify for that with some of my bags and cards.  It is so nice to be able to play a little bit more with your designs and know there might be someone out there that will like them even though the average Jo won't.  I used to have a friend called Bo but I had never heard of it so at first I used to call him Boo - he never corrected me??

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

My Craft Studio

I recently bought My Craft Studio Professional - Shop Fronts, which I really like but have not had time to play with much yet, although I am in the process of making loads of different cards with the Dress Digi Print from it. Anyway, after buying this and being pretty impressed I grabbed the absolute bargain, from Create & Craft, of the Click, Print, Go. Jewel Britannia CD and set of four books that  came with it, for about £24 ??? Mad, its worth much more than that.  I obviously won't cut up any of the backing paper or embelishment books because the images and the paper is just too good for that!! Any crafter will understand!  But you don't need to cut them up because you can print all of the images off the CD any time you want.  But everytime I pull up the CD I am amazed at how much is on it and such up to date "bang on trend" (cringe) images. Tonight I have a beginners card making class and have printed some of the Card Kit images off to show them how to do a card layout and embelish it.  The work was done for me this week, but it will be so impressive because of the print out sheets.  So thanks My Craft Studio, I am really impressed and am looking forward to your next CD.