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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Happy New Year

OK I know its a bit late to be saying Happy New Year but I havn't stopped partying yet, its my Birthday on 10th Jan so xmas, new year and my birthday night out with the girls have all merged into one, you can imagine how fuzzy my head is! I havn't been lazy on the crafting front though, have been busy designing some Party Invites for one of my sisters, I have also been booked in to host a Kids Birthday Crafting Party. My friends daughter loved my website and cards and notebooks so much that she pleaded with me to host her party and show her friends how to make the note pads and do the Zendoodle. So I will give it a go. As any crafter will know 1.½ hours crafting with kids will just fly by. Off Santa I got a Zutter Binding Machine which I can't wait to play with, been waiting for the wires to arrive. I have also ordered (for my birthday) the Zutter Quickutz Papper Cutter to make the inserts for my Note Pads and Mini Scrapbooks etc. Can't wait to tuck in. I also got (Off Santa!!) the Serrif Platinum Scrapbooking, cardmaking computer Package. Have already designed my invites on that. Just about to whip out some Birthday cards for a party my daughter is going to today and then need to re-launch my craft class, which I hope to duplicate on UTube. Watch this space. Sam

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