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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Suzicraft 1st Birday!

I can hardly believe it, its one year since  of Stockton On Tees, came into our lives. 
What a lot has happened in that year.  I had just set up some of my own classes in The Pottery Loft in Billingham, I was hovering around any craft shop I could find, usually The Range or Hobby Craft trying to promote my own business of selling cards, doing the classes and just generally talking to like minded people about crafting, I often used to get asked which was the best glue to use or how do you use an acrylic stamp, whats the best ink etc - and that was just when I was out shopping!  Then I met Barbara Grey (the other one) we kept bumping into each other in The Range and she used to ask me advice on the best products to use, then it became silly because everytime I was in the shop she would appear or sometimes she would get there just ahead of me, never pre-arranged.  So we decided we spend that much time together we may as well arrange to meet - she told me that Collectables were going to have a Docraft Demonstrater starting and we arranged to go.  Well we couldn't leave we were so inpsired so we went to the next one and the next one, and we stayed all day, then we started to go to lunch with the Demonstrator and she told us about future plans and classes so we booked into them all.  Guess who that demonstrater was!  Annette Lee - can you believe I am now on the Design Team that she runs for Tom of SplodgeAway (or Mr Suzicraft). I secretly call Annette our BlogLady - not sure she would like that title though!?
There was a buzz about town suddenly, everywhere you went (which was always a craft shop) someone would ask if you had been to "that new craft shop in Stockton"? or ask if you had heard of Suzicraft.  Barbara was the first one to go, she came and told me all about it, said I would love it there.  So I nipped along to check it out.  Tom Whisked me off upstairs once I told him about my classes and website and utube - and he talked of his plans and we were both really excited about crafting, Sue was there welcoming everyone into her shop dishing out Tea letting everyone know they could come and use the crafting table.  I loved the place straight away and my first Impression of Sue and Tom was of two very enthusiastic, hardworking, sociable people with a vision for the future.

I told Tom about how excited I was to go to Annette's demoes and classes and I told Annette about Toms vision and enthusiasm and we all ended up being part of the same team - but the main factor in all of this is Sue and Suzicraft - its not just a shop its a community, a place to craft a place to meet new people a place to nip in for a cuppa and buy all your Crafty Goods at the best price you will find anywhere! I wrote a peom about Suzicraft when I hadn't been going there long because I was so inspired by the shop and Sue and Tom - it now sits on the wall in the shop, I am proud of it but it took nothing to write because the essence of what Suzicraft is just popped out of the ink in my pen. So why not nip along on Saturday 15the September 2012 to to celebrate the shops 1st Birthday. you can read my poem, have a cuppa, buy some goodies and most of all your can watch Annette Lee, Maria Simms and Mr SplodgeAway himself demonstrating new products.  There will be food and drink and a friendly atmosphere.  AND I WILL BE THERE!  Ok that might put you off but go along anyway!


  1. Thank you Sam, that means a lot x x

  2. I am suffering with a severe case of crafters envy. I so wished we had somewhere like this.
    I look forward to seeing what more Mr Splodge will come up with. Fabulous products that are so innovative - it's made me excited to play with my inks and stamps again - so thank you for that to all of you.
    You all sound a lovely lot and one day, hopefully, i'll be able to visit the shop, until then i wish the lot of you a fabulously helathy and wealthy future Karen x