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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Hi there everyone, I would like to thank you all for following me I do appreaciate it. I would also like to say welcome to Rae, Bernice and Caroline thank you for joining. Of course I will/have returned the compliment!

I have been neglecting my Gblogs because my working blog is my Website blog which is attached to my SplodgeAway Blog which is the DT Blog (get all that)?  Well what I am trying to say is, all the cards I have been making have been going on that blog so I haven't had any work to show on here or my main GBlog.  I do have a lot of work outstanding but none of it can be shown yet, its for TV,  DT Blog and Challenges.  So, I will give you a small collage of my latest DT Blog card and bits I have messed around with just for the usual "Eye Candy" (I never blog without it) but you have probably already seen some of it.  I don't do this blog to show off my work anyway really, its just a private blog to talk to fellow mad/addicted/show me a table and I'll make a card on it type of crafters!

I am really excited about the crafting world at the moment.  My cards are getting better (well I think they are) I am meeting loads of like-minded people.  Having connections with DT Members from Indigo Blub, Clarity Stamps, and SplodgeAway is so exciting, my three favorite styles of cards and stamps and images etc. We just all talk rubbish though!?  Joe said tonight on facebook about how its exciting because there are so many mediums to play with, I agree with her there is so much to choose from and although my Debit Card looks a bit worn out its great buying all the different stamps, inks, card stock and embellishments that are so reasonably priced!!  Does that sound like an advert?

I have done a couple of great classes lately one with Marie this weekend, she is so good at designing new card styles, and a couple of weeks ago I did the Altered Book class with Annette Lee (our Blog Lady) well I was so excited about that, I have been cutting holes in anything that stands still and has print on it ever since!!!

What next - well watch this space!!!!!  My next big shopping trip is going to be really exciting too because a few of the DT/s from the different teams (well some are on all the teams I think? eh Rae?) are meeting up at the NEC on the Saturday.  Can't wait.  On My shopping list is the Clairty letters and Numbers.  Soooo anyway I am supposed to being doing something for Eileens' Challenge but thought I would catch up with my blogs first and do that in the morning! To feel free to drop me a comment!
By for now, Sam


  1. Hi Sam ... read all that with great interest... I can tell you love this hobby of ours very much. I do too! 'Give me a table and I'll make a card'! priceless ... and as far as I'm concerned ... soooo true!
    Eileen xxx

  2. Word verication! .... YUK!!!!!!!I got rid of it on my blog Sam ... stops people commenting cos they hate it lol xx

  3. I tried to get rid of it on my Website blog but can't cos there is a shop on it - a dusty shop!! But didn't even know I had it on here? Will try to get rid thanks. Sam