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Saturday, 5 January 2013

SplodgeAway TV Demo

Well I think its about time I change this Blog post don't you - since the last time I updated this Blog a lot has happened - My daughters Birthday, Santa Claus left some goodies, my Sister had to fill out a jigsaw puzzle which had a proposal of marriage in it and we have seen in the New Year - and very soon I will be taking yet another year off my age on my Birthday on 10th January

Sooooo - Enjoy your office party, Happy Birthday my Princess, have a HappyXmas everyone, Happy New Year to you all and AW thanks for the card but you didn't have to bother!!!  There I think that puts me up to date on this Blog now!!

Oh except for the fact that Tom has been on the TV again with he was on two shows with
Maria Simms  the items he took with him sold out so fast that poor Maria only got to do one of her Demoes on the first show under a lot of pressure because it was selling out as she was doing it, she did do a second Demo in the afternoon show of a lovely Brown and Blue card which you will probably be able to see on here website above.

 Tom did demoes on some of the Stenscapes but by the time the second show came along in the afternoon almost everything had been sold and they wanted him to do a demo on the stenscape he had already done on the first show.  Well I sat and watched him wondering what on earth he was going to do and I was absolutely amazed at what he produced just off the cuff.
 So just for once on this my "Private" blog I am going to let someone else take the glory.  I am not even going to show you any of my cards/tags/note pads that were on the TV - however you can find them on our SplodgeAway blog   over the next week or so along with the rest of the DT's work - there were some lovely samples handed in.  You can also buy the products on the splodgeaway website                        

Ooopps how did one of mine sneak in there!!!

 Thank you for dropping by - I will be back soon.


  1. Great post ... great cards.
    Tom is a star!
    E xx

  2. Toms cards are brilliant! I watched the shows - brilliant as always. Maria and Tom both do brilliant demo's and I love Maria's blog. Your card is gorgeous! xx