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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Funny Old Crafting World

A Canvass Painting I did about
Thirteen Years Ago
I was on my way to bed but my 11 year old Puppy Dog decided that wasn't going to happen, his bladder isn't what it used to be, so anyway gone from just about to step into bed to now being wide away again Soooo:-
What's happening in the crafting world??  Well a lot that I can't tell you, a lot that I don't know and a lot that is exciting and new???  What can't I tell you? you will find out soon enough! What don't I know??? probably lots if people are doing what they are supposed to and keeping things under wraps.  See the problem with this craft world sometimes, is there are so many people out there who jump in and copy designs that it just really does disgust me.  When someone designs something and has put in the hard work and time for it they shouldn't then have to start looking over their shoulder straight away to see if anyone saw it, worried they might get it out before them or just jump on the bandwagon the second the design is launched not even giving the Designer 5 minutes to enjoy the glory or the profit??  Why would you copy someone else's design?  what satisfaction can you possible get, how can you ever feel proud of yourself, its like cheating in an exam you will always know that you didn't achieve what you have by your own hard work!!!
The Puppy with the Bladder Problem!!!
I don't often have little rants like this but things are so up and down in the craft world, one minute you feel like the world is your oyster then next you feel like its all about to disappear??   And then someone tells you they appreciate your help, or they think a piece of your work should be in a Gallery??!! (wow that felt good) and you feel like going back to your craft room again.  So what am I trying to get at? not sure really except I have learnt one thing this week, be yourself, be nice to people, appreciate work genuinely and treat others the way you want to be treated and all will reveal itself in the end, the cheaters will have bags under their eyes and the greeters will get some sleep but feel slightly trampled on sometimes!!

On the whole I think Crafters are lovely people, with some great ideas, provide lots of lovely eye candy and get very excited over the strangest of things, including me on the latter!  So message to self really, keep yer pecker up, don't let the buggers grind you down and Carry On Crafting.  Its Ok I won't write a blog this late at night again, bit miserable isn't it!!!  So if you got this far you deserve some eye candy!!  I will see what I have to offer!!
So Carry On Crafting and thanks for listening, if you didn't well hey that's OK if you fancy a rant yourself just leave one in the Comments below, be nice though please??


  1. I didn't find this miserable reading Sam; it's heartfelt and honest and truthful so good for you. And there's a good message of integrity that, you're right, some could do with taking on board. And most of all I love the puppy picture :-)

  2. Yes I know I feel like a rant some days to Sam. And I love what you do with your craft and how versatile you can be.
    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...but you have to give the original Artist credit too. I would never dream of scraplifting something without mentioning who or where I first saw the idea...Surely that is just good manners? I'm with Jane I always enjoy your blog and weather I comment or not I am a frequent visitor to Sams home cooked! your designs while very different form my own style inspire and prompt me to look at my own work and ask what if? Surely that's what it's all about xxxxx

    1. Yes Bernie I completely agree and that is a whole different ball game, in our designs we want to inspire people don't we? LOLx

  3. Oh Sam, what a crazy world. There are people like that in all walks of life, never give credit to others or try to put them down as a away to make themselves feel bigger or better. But they win when we let them, change who we are. Hope you have a good night's sleep and tomorrow is a better day.

  4. Totally agree, we all get inspiration from other crafters but to knowingly use someone elses design and not give them credit is horrible. Having said that, I designed a card for last months workshop, and the day before I was due to demo it an almost identical one was demonstrated on C&C, pure coincidence just two people had come up with the same idea!

  5. Hi Sam,
    You rant away, better in than out.... on the issue of copying, well!!!! all I can say is, I feel sorry for them, they obviously have No imagination of their own ....... bless them..... But they should have the decency to say they got the idea from......Credit where Credit is due......Dont let them get you down xxxx