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Thursday, 16 May 2013

For Crafters about Crafters!

Well good morning just thought I would update my Crafters Only Blog as I don't get around to this one much these days.  Talk about not getting around to things, when you wish for "a bit of a life" be careful what you wish for!!!  I am suddenly so busy my head is spinning.  But its all for really good reasons.  I am in the process of making cards for SplodgeAway as Tom is on TV's Create and Craft on 24th May, I also have some Blog work to do.  I have a day with Dyan Reaveley  on Saturday for a Journal Workshop .  On Sunday I will be on the Stall with Tom at the Ross Papercraft Show at the Nissan site in Sunderland.  I have also finished my DT project for the Fussy and Fancy Challenge Blog, the new challenge starts tomorrow so you will be able to see it there with more close up pictures of the project on my GBlog.
 Then on Monday I am packing for me and the kids - the kids and Dog are off to my sisters house while I am off to a two day workshop with Barbara Gray! What a good year this is turning out to be.  I also have workshops with Hels Sheridan later in the year and Annette Lee and Maria Simms coming up.   But next week will be special, I met a bunch of lovely ladies at the NEC last year and we have all kept in touch via FB so next week a lot of us will be staying together in a Hotel for three nights, whilst during the day we will be having a great time with Barbara.  I am sooo looking forward to this break.  So I am off to lock myself in my craft room and I won't let myself out until I have produced something good/different!!! or until I have to get my kids from school, whichever comes first!!!
 So I have been practicing my backgrounds for my journal pages, I like them as they are and struggle to bring myself to put something over the top of them. So have a nice day everyone or anyone who has tuned in and
Carry On Crafting.
Sam xx
While I am here can I say Congratulations to Eileen Godwin on your lovely work in the Craft Stamper Magazine!
Paula Whittaker has a lovely project in there too! In fact I think this months issue is the best Craft Stamper Mag I have ever seen, it is so good I wanted to buy it again!!!

Bye eck I wish I hadn't started doing all those links it took ages!!!


  1. Love the new blog layout Sam, see you next week :-) xx

  2. This is a great blog Sam.
    Very pleased to say that I'm also one of the lucky ladies going to Barbara Gray's workshop next week.
    Looking forward to meeting up with our lovely friends as much as I'm looking forward to the workshop.

  3. Wow sounds like you've got a full schedule - have fun xx

  4. Wow sounds like you've got a full schedule - have fun xx

  5. Busy girl.... Sounds like u got a fab few weeks planned x

  6. Phew!! You are certainly busy ... enjoy every minute ! I wish I was with you!
    E xxxx

  7. Yay yay and thrice yay. Loving these backgrounds xx

    arent you busy wish i was going to Cowden. .Never mind Stockport next.month

  8. I am exhausted and envious at all the wonderful things you have planned! You will be a very busy and happy lady! Your backgrounds are awesome! xx