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Monday, 11 June 2012

A little Ditty

I am on a Design Team for SplodgeAway at I may have told you several times before, who really knows if anyone gets to read your blog or not - NOBODY EVERY COMMENTS ON IT!!!!! A little "thumbs up" or a "what utter rubbish" or "hey what a great blog you have there kid", would be lovely, I won't get offended!!!

Anyway I am really proud of being on the Design Team - people would trade in their Grande Calibur to be in my position which is why I am putting every effort I can in to stay on top of the game. Mind you, loveing the products you are designing with does help a little!! Anyway when I get my splodgeAway mat out I keep getting little pieces of poetry popping into my head, not fantastic poetry, not life changing or anything but just little ditties that just appear, and if I don't write them down quick I have lost them forever!! So here is my latest one that came to me this morning.

My SplodgeAway Mat

I Splodge all day, I Splodge all night,
Till I make a design that's a wonderful sight,
And when I'm done and my SplodgeAway Mat
Is full of my inks in this colour or that,
I'll sit and play just a little more
and make something SPECIAL
To put through YOUR door!!!

By Sam Crowe

If you have any little crafting ditties I would like to hear them?


  1. Thanks Sam, I have left a comment just for you.

  2. I'm here and reading - don't think I have joined your blog for long, but will keep up with all your pages from now on. x

  3. Love that ditty lol hugs Sam