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Friday, 22 June 2012

What I am up to!!!

Hi everyone, sorry I have been a while getting back to you but I have had a cold - Man Flu - for two weeks, still not got rid totally, but hey ho I will survive. I have updated my other page but I like this page because of the swirls and because it feels a bit more personal on this blog, I am not selling anything, I am not trying to keep up with the Jones's (or modern terms - the blogs's) I am just being me - the totally addicted, and loveing it, crafter. Of course I still talk about Suziecraft and SplodgeAway because they have become a big part of my life. I plan my week around it, how great it is to have a place to go, craft or shop whatever you want to do, and see familiar, friendly faces when you go.

I think it could be likened a little bit to "friends" or maybe its more like "Cheers" without the alcohol!! Or maybe it could be compared, at times, with "the Golden Girls"?! that would be me as the youngest one!!!!! Anyway its a busy happening place to be at the moment. Sue and Tom are just off for a few days to Bognor Regis (oh sorry I mean Holland)

I'm busy doing DT work and I have a Craft Table to get ready for, its at the Cricket Club in Norton on 1st July 12 till 6 - all are welcome. It is being run by Kings Cafe in Norton. There will be food, stalls, kids entertainment and ME. I will be selling my wares but I will also have my splodgeaway mat there and will do a few demonstrations. Why don't you nip along.

Above are pictures of my latest designs which went on the this week, the theme was anything goes, products bought from which is almost everything I use now anyway!! Hope you like them, its an 8 page mini scrapbook. See you later, Sam

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