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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Craft Table & SplodgeAway

There is a bit of a buzz in the air at Suziecraft, on Twitter, on the craft blogs and on Facebook - THIS IS IT the week that Tom goes on TV to launch the SplodgeAway mat and Masks. Its on Creat & Craft on thursday 5th July at 12 Noon and Maria Simms will be with him and I know she will have some great demonstrations waiting for us- so grab your sarnie and cuppa early and sit and watch.

I can guarantee you will feel the enthusiasm coming through your TV from Tom, all his Design Team feel it (me being one of them) I am pretty sure Annette who looks after the design team feels it, his partner Sue feels it, his customers feel it - he truely belives in his product and SO DO WE. If you are a crafter this product will revolutionise the way you craft. I have found a whole new form of art with the SplodgeAway mat and I love playing around with my inks.

If you want a sneak preview of the SplodgeAway mat I will be doing a few demonstrations tomorrow 5th July at the Norton Cricket Club, Station Road at an event run by Kings Cafe from Norton. I have a craft table selling my recent makes, but thought I would take my splodgeAway mat, some stamps and inks and let people have a little play. So why don't you come along and say Hi.
I know this blog sounds like an inframercial but its not HONESTLY, its just me and what I am up to. See you soon, must get some more note pads made!!!

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