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Saturday, 4 August 2012

I promised you Tags

It started with this image
Turned it blue on IPhone Like this.
This took 10 mins!!
Spoilt this with spray?
Speak, See, Hear No Evil

My first ever Tag- Take the time to do it properly!
Hi there I'm back already, I promised you Tags so you shall have Tags!  Not fantastic tags by any means but Tags - I am still working on it.  You see I have done some Twinchies "2 by 2" and I have done some mini tags i.e tiny folding card type that you put on presents, but TAGS as in here is just a completely over the top decorated beautifully tag, well I haven't done many of them.  In fact to speak of I would say I really have only produced ONE!  Now I didn't even realise this myself, I LOVE tags, I blog hop all the time just to see some of the gorgeous tags that people are producing, you should look around, it is unbelievable the work that is out there, especially anyone who has a bit of a Tim Holtz inside them the images they are useing are amazing.  So back to mine, the main problem? 1 - I get an idea stuck in my head and even if it is not working I find it hard to give up on it!  2, there isn't a lot of space on a tag so positioning is harder than you would think if you don't want to centre it.  Mind you, I thought I would never be able to do much with the Twinchies but the one I did useing the Clarity Stamps was highly praised by the Twinchie Challene DT Member, and I was quite surprised by it myself.  I am starting to see the effect of the clarity classes I have done with Annette and Maria creeping into my other work.  Soooo, I am not enthralled by these tags, in fact I have added the first one I did to remind you (it has visited this blog before) of what it looks like because I think it was much better than these.  But not all work has to be your best, I use pieces like this to learn from them - I already have another Tag drying upstairs with Gesso paint and Distress Inks sprayed all over it.
Comments good bad or constructive are welcome! Please- otherewise I will think I am talking to myself again! Bye for now, Sam


  1. Hi Sam, These tags are gorgeous, Love the 10min one and the make a wish, Beautiful....

  2. Look great to me too - love the butterfly one the best