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Friday, 3 August 2012

Bit of a Dry Spell

Hi there, To start with I would like to welcome Bernice as my latest follower, thank you.  I appreciate all my followers.  Well after having a couple of weeks of producing all sorts of different cards and various tags and things, I have gone through a slight dry spell, well in terms of crafting that is.  I have been writing poetry but I will come back to that another day.  Do you ever get those moments when you have a new stash so you quickily run to your craft room and spread it amongst the shelves so your Hubby doesn't have time to realise how many things you have bought?  Well I found a few of these stashes a few days ago, so I got them all out on my Craft table, then proceeded to tidy all other items away to give me plenty of space to play, then I tidied my ribbons, and papers before I set up my cricut machine, got my Spellbinders out, my heat gun was put in place and I put new batteries in my glue gun - then it was bed time?  Sooo the next day I looked at my craft room all neat and ready and waiting and decided to just quickly check my emails, then feed the kids, then take them and the dog out for a day trip, the same the next day - and tonight? well why didn't I just get myself up to that room? I have a plan - I will Make a Plan, list what I want to make and stick to it, then I can concentrate  on one tag, one card, one up-cycled item instead of sitting staring at my stash with so many ideas that I don't know where to start. I will pick up one stamp, one item to make and 1 (or 3 ?)  inks to use.  There, that feels more organised, I will show you the result tomorrow! Am I the only one who gets days when they want to get to the craft room, and could go to the craft room but just doesn't get there for some reason?

In the meantime as I have nothing brand new to show you, I will show you what I currently have on our  site I normally keep this blog and splodgeaway seperate as I use my samshomecookeddesigns blog and my main GBlog for that, but just so you have some visual I will break the rules! Right I am off to make a Tag! Good night.

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  1. I know what you mean I just started to use my circut machine again gave it a godd dust down.This is lovely, Love the sentiment,Can't wait to see your tag.Have a great weekend..