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Thursday, 23 August 2012

TV Famous Cards

Yesterday was a good day for SplodgeAway and a good day for me personally.  I had three cards on TV and one made an appearance twice as an extra show was put on at 6pm.  This restores my faith in my work because I know my cards wouldn't be shown if they weren't good enough.  I am trying not to get all excited about this like a teenager, but it is very hard to contain myself, in fact I think I may have already not been cool about this.  I have thanked Maria about three times in various places on the web for mentioning my name, and I sat all night checking Facebook and the blogs for any glimpse of a conversation about our DT cards appearing on the TV.  Soo - Hungry for fame? maybe in the past, hungry for Praise?  ALWAYS!!  But to console myself I don't think I am alone in this, I did notice a few comments on facebook, by the other DT members, seemed to have been written with a rye smile on their face.

I sat half the night wishing I could put the "Most Famous" card on my blog but thought I should wait to get the go ahead.  Then I noticed Karen had already put hers on and so PM'd her "are you sure we can put our cards on the blogs now"!  Yeh sure go ahead and blog away" so I quickly updated my SplodgeAway blog just to realise that actually I was probably the only person still up and checking, apart from Karen off course.  Never mind - the buzz hasn't quite gone yet!

So what do I do with this Card fame now?  Nothing? Wait and see what happens?  What do I want to happen? Oh I don't know, I will just enjoy the fact that the dream I had a year ago of getting one of my cards in a Magazine on the "Over to you" page has been completely topped by getting (in all) four of my cards on TV.  I will just enjoy the moment and then get up to my Craft Room to do the weekly DT project that I was supposed to do yesterday!!  But I would like to thank Tom & Sue and Annette for putting me on the DT in the first place. and would like to thank Tom, Annette and Maria for all the classes of theirs I have attended which have brought me to this level of crafting - and still lots more to attend.


  1. Hi Sam These Are Beautiful Cards, I seen the show at 6pm when i got home from work and i ordered the A3 splodgeaway mat can't wait for it to arrive heard so much about this mat and the show with Tom and Maria was fab.. Have a great weekend....

    1. Hi, and thank you for your comments once again. I do appreciate feedback. You will not regret getting the Mat, the A3 is a good size too. Have you got your inks, sponges and Breyer at the ready?