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Monday, 2 July 2012

Create & Craft TV Launch & My Craft Stall

This is so exicitng, have just looked at Carley's blog (Carley from Create & Craft) and she was talking about meeting Tom and said that she has been working on her SplodgeAway Mat and likes it. See link below for comment. She said she will be seeing Tom on Thursday 5th July because he is on TV at 12pm and she is on just after him with Leoni. I like Leoni!! Of Course Maria Simms will be there too with Tom.
carley's creations: splodge away

Anyway check out her blog, she is a lovely lady and I like her Demoes. All of Tom's DT team are soooooo excited about thursday, can't wait to watch Tom and Maria on Create & Craft, we will be taking a few lap tops into the shop to watch it together, of course I will also record it at home because everyone will be talking. Good luck for Thursday Tom, say Hi to Carley and Leoni for me, oh and the Glitter Girls they will be on too.

RIGHT, while I am here does anyone want to know about my week? I had a dentist appointment - so I thought - wrong week. I had two sports days, cancelled at the last minute due to rain, as usual. Was trying to keep up with my DT work, (my favourite part of the week - but I failed) whilst trying to prepare for a craft table for which I had no goodies - except a few xmas tree owls from the last one I did.
- so I spent about £50 on goodies i.e. chalk boards, cups, blank note pads to upcycle, inks for the printer, coffee to keep me awake during the long nights, and McDonalds for the kids because I was too tired to cook because I was crafting half the night!!!! Still my Dad and Brother Robert looked after my Son, my Daughter came to help me on the stall, very sweet of her, SHE SPENT in total about £20 on goodies and sweets FROM OTHER CRAFT STALLS I spent about £10 on lunch for us both, and of course I had to pay for the table. We sat there for six hours and made A MASSIVE PROFIT OF £6.50 - well I say profitttttt?????????? It didn't even cover the cost of lunch!

And half of that money was for Sue from Suzie craft because I had some of her goodies and some splodgeAway Mats on my stall. NEVER AGAIN! Does anyone want to buy a Nanny card, A Lollipop Lady card or a Teacher/Teaching Assistant thank you card with matching tag? Or going cheap is a bunch of desk top mini chalk board stands WITH mini chalk board, and mini decorated cup to hold chalk in?
The funny thing was two teachers looked and them and really liked them, I said "don't hold your breath because I know NO-ONE has bought you one"! Thank goodness the girl on the stall next to me was lovely and we had a natter and swapped ideas. I suppose once I have caught up on my sleep I MIGHT consider doing another one in the future!?!?

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