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Saturday, 28 July 2012

Hi all.

Had a busy week this week. After a few teething problems with my two lovely bairnes we ended up having a lovely peaceful week. All were fed, watered, occupied and happy.  Talking of happy, wasn't our Olympic Ceremony absolutely great, loved the fact the Queen played along and Rowen Atkinson was funny, one of my friends once had a blind date with an exact look a like of him, in fact if I hadn't know this guy had told her he looked like him I would definately have asked for his autograph - we are talking about er, well, a good few years ago when I lived in Swindon. She actually didn't go on the date, I was there as back up so we didn't acknowledge him and went off to Route 66 instead!!

Anyway, I had a really good crafting session on Friday with Annette and Maria, thanks to you both, it really was a good day and I now have a lot of new ideas to try out from what I learnt.  Everyone I spoke to said how good the class was.  I have put picturs of my work on my main Gblog but I might pop them on here for a quick look, actually I will have to because at the moment I havn't got anything new to show.  I fancy designing a few new projects to sell, my website really needs some new stock put on there, which won't sell,  but at least I will have stock from it for my next craft table.!?! I have been buying a few little nic nacs for me to decorate and I might think about making some bags again.  I really need to find a good fabric shop somewhere?  Maybe I will get some Tarten in Inverness next week?

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  1. Beautiful Cards. Love the Air Ballons Beautiful,
    Have a great day...