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Friday, 13 July 2012

Blogging Busy!!

I have been blogging busy tonight, I just came on here for a quick look.  First of all I checked out our SplodgeAway blog to see what was going on, there is a lovely card on there from Sue, great blending. Then I checked on the rest of the team to see what they were up to in their blogs, of course Maria Simms had yet another piece of art on there, when do you get time to make all these projects Maria?  Anyway she had entered a competition called Twinchie challenge Blog where you have to do a peice of art on a 2" by 2" piece of card, so of course I had to enter that, I have been itching to enter a challange for ages, was going to enter one for the Stamper Magazine but I had to ditch it and not sure if I have time to re-start anyway, so this was my first entry,well my first two entries, and my lovely daughter Hannah did one too. I will show you that when I get I get pic taken. I think I mucked it up on the linking though?  Then I discovered that the lovely Punkleface had paid me a massive compliment after she looked at a website with lovely artwork and pottery on and she said that it made her think of me, I am honoured that you think I have an eye for a good piece of art like you.  Then I was about to do another link but my computer has gone off line so many times while I have been writing this that I have forgotton what it was!!!!? So I will show you the entries I put in on the 2inch by 2inch challenge (was that what I was doing anyway?) Oh I don't know I have had one bottle of lager!  Anyway I hope you like them.  By the way, I hope all goes well tomorrow Tom, Sue I will see you tomorrow unless you went too???  ByseBy

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