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Wednesday, 11 July 2012

SplodgeAway DT Reject.     Don't get me wrong the DT Team didn't reject this card, I did, It was originally supposed to be for something other than the SplodeAway Blog, which I have just realised I probably can't tell you so lets just leave it at that?  Anway this did start off as a very nice card but Tom our Mr SplodgeAway himself is a bit good with a camera and spots the tiniest of flaws on any peice of work immediately.  i.e. within a second of looking at it he said " I can't use that, it has white stuff all over it, it won't photograph well"!  White stuff? I havn't used any white stuff?  Well what had happend is that I had used my Pearl Mist Cosmic Shimmer over parts of the card and then put some Glossy Accents on parts of the card and the two together turned into white stuff!  If you click on the airoplane under the flower you will see the bit I didn't manage to hide.    Of course then I did more paper adding and more splodging to cover it up until it just became too much as you can see!!, shame it had started out as a nice project.  Anyway be warned.  On the bright side if you want a really good snow effect on your Christmas cards just use Cosmic Shimmer  (pearl mist) and Glossy Accents together!  Below is a little Gift Tag I made whilst playing around with my new Splodge-A-Mask I love this spotty mask it is gorgeous if you just sneak a bit into a project by double stenciling I havn't even got to embossing it yet, that will be lovely I know, I am still just inking it at the moment. I have also used it on one of our splodgeaway blog projects - aha, should I be telling you that?
A little gift Tag I made
This Gift Tag was made using my New Splodge-A-Mask Dot


  1. Oh well, experimental it was then. I don't know if I could make any cards for Mr. S/Away. I would worry how critical he would be and then go and make mistakes because I was trying too hard.

  2. No he isn't like that, but he is honest. I like that because you know where you stand. And when he says he likes or loves something you have made you know he means it. I suppose you could call him the Simon Cowel of the Craft World. I love being on his design team.