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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Hi, just a quickie, I nipped downstairs for a few minutes and have ended up blog hopping for hours so thought I should at least update my own!  I don't have any images to show off though because all my work I have been doing lately is SplodgeAway DT work.  I do see now why Annette and Maria can come up with lovely card after lovely card, the more you craft the more ideas you get and you get in a flow, Not saying that I am coming up with lovely card after lovely card, just that I am more inclined to play around with my designs when I get in a good few crafting session in a short space of time.  I have to stop myself going off on a tangent and concentrate on the one I am on first.  Been discovering some great talent tonightt especially ATC people they seem to really craft for themselves on ATC's and their work on the ATC is a lot different to their cards a lot of the time.  I am becoming a bit of an ATC girl myself but my cards are already different now because of the SplodgeAway Mat, I am not saying that because I am on the DT either, I just love the rich deep colour you can get by going over an edge until the colour is nearly off your sponge and then just bring it onto the card - you couldn't get that look if you printed it!  Especially with the Butterscotch Adirondack I just looove it. I always start with that colour now because all other colours blend really nicely over the top of it.  Anyway I have a Breyer class on Friday with Annette and Maria I can't wait, but wished I had got some practice in, you know what its like you can do something just fine but want to improve your techniques, but then you go to the class and it all goes wrong so you look like a total beginner! Still we are there to learn!  I missed the deadline for "The Stamper" magazine competition I had decorated a whole wooden box but was struggling to make a centre piece, someone did say it was good enough as it was but its not worth entering if you don't think you might be in at least the top 500?? Still might be able to enter next year its just that in this one you had to use my favorite stamps!!! Bit gutted! This pic is an old DT project and used two of my all time favorite stamps!

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